PCR 21: Too Many Shirts!

Ep 21: Too Many Shirts

R&C stumble there way through a conversation about fashion!

Christopher learns that Paul Newman is dead. He also learns about the delicious snacks: Fig Newmans!

- Christopher is playing softball with the company team. He's killing it. He was excessively high fives afterward. Pretty cool...
- kk.org "1000 True Fans". Sick. Ralph recommends it!

Topic of the week: Clothes!
- What do you wear on a first date?
- Christopher says: Wear what makes you comfortable! Not PJs though. But don't wear as many T-shirts as Daniel in high school.
- A man is entitled to his opinion and Christopher's opinion is that wearing 4 t-shirts at once looks dumb.
- Christopher's female dates "wear what whatever girls wear"
- Ralph say's short sleeves are never fancy.
- Ralph gets a lot of comments on his facial hair. While it is a sick mustache, he recommends that strangers should make less out of the blue comments about other people's features. Unless you're wearing the same clothing as someone else... then a shaka-bra works fine. A high five would be sick too.

Song-a-week: Sea Cow
"Sea cow" is the only thing that rhymes with a cat's "meow".