PCR 20: Mighty Ducks & Riff Raff

Ep 20: Mighty Ducks & Riff Raff

Today R&C go down a rabbit hole, just like the old days of the podcast.

Updates: Ralph built a sweet effects pedal prototyping unit. It's a stomp box with wires coming out of it that plug into the breadboard. Would you be interested in such a thing?

Topic of the week: The Mighty Ducks
- Mighty ducks was not as wholesome as we remembered. Kinda intense really. Christopher recaps all the gnarly themes.
- Hot moms, DUIs, high pressure parenting, bad hockey coaches, cheating in sports.
- Would you watch a remake of The Mighty Ducks? The Wholesome Ducks?
- Two and a Half Men poll: Charlie Sheen or Ashton Kutcher aka. The Kutch.
- Was Zach Efron's body CGI in the Baywatch movie?
- Why does Selena Gomez still look like she's 14?
- Can Dave Chappelle sue Prince for using a picture of Dave dressed as Prince?
- Should you run with earbuds in your ear?
- Why does Ralph like pop music that isn't cool anymore?
- Is Peach Panther a better album than beerbongs&bentlys?

These questions and more answered this week on Putting the Cheese in the Refrigerator Podcast!

Song-a-week: On My Own
Featuring the Santana ft. Rob Thomas telephone vocal effect.