PCR 19: Daisy Dukes

PCR Notes
Ep 19: Daisy Dukes

Todays topic is Christopher's time in culinary school. Before that, there are the usual shenanigans!

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- Tyler Eiffert is always hurt! What's up with that?
- Christopher has permission to wear shorts at work but he doesn't own any! R&C have trouble remembering when the last time he wore shorts was. Conversely, Ralph didn't even own long pants until he left San Diego.
- Leave a comment if you want Ralph to share his picture of Christopher in Daisy Dukes.
- Is khaki a color or a style of pants or what?

- Ralph is on the breadboard! Stay tuned for hot effects pedal circuits.
- Christopher gives the hot tips for selling things on eBay or Reverb.com

Topic of the week: Christopher in culinary school.
- What did Christopher think of art school?
- Does art school help with creativity as applied outside of the fine art world?
- Christopher liked the science of baking.
- Baking is a passion based profession.
- Lesson: if you want to be a cook, you don't necessarily need to go to culinary school.
- College and school is often about HOW to learn going forward in life and career as opposed to precise technical skills. Don't confuse college and trade school.