PCR 17: #science

PCR Ep 17: #science

In this weeks episode -
Updates: The Amplifier Warship website is being overhauled! Check it out at ampwarship.com! Ralph's using Squarespace and highly recommends it. Ralph designed new logos!

Topic of the week - Christopher's goal setting update:
Christopher set three goals for himself
1) Workout every day
2) Read  book
3) Write a story

Christopher didn't work out every day! But, he did get more exercise this month than any other month this year. He's getting back into! So, lets count that as a victory.

Christopher read half of a book! We'll count that as half of a success. We talked about "getting the ball rolling" and how important that can be in achieving your goals. Ralph shared that he reads a lot of non-fiction books to get his reading fix.

C did not yet put pen to paper in order to write a story. We talk a bit about motivation. He did buy a book on writing and R counted that as another half of goal number two. Therefore C got two out of three done. Not bad!

C&R brainstorm next week's episode topic. They are going to talk about what they like in writing and, we hope, come up with some good topics to write about.

We close with some discussion of out trials and tribulations in college.