WK34: A Letter Home, Salt Water Fuzz, Man's Search for Meaning

Weekend Kickoff Thirty-Four!

Yes yes yes!


Neil Young - A Letter Home

Here’s one for all you Indie rockers who love lo-fi. This record is about as lo-fi as it gets! It was recorded and released in 2014 on a 1947 Voice-o-graph machine at Third Man Records in Nashville. The record is cut as it’s recorded! Side note: what is indie anyway? It has recently occurred to me that my music might indie! Do you think these songs I’ve been recording HERE are more accurately “rock” or “indie”? Thanks!

Neil Young is the man. This album leaves in all the mistakes. What a breath of fresh air! And how inspiring! Neil Young doesn’t let junk concepts like perfection get in his way. Now, to be sure, Neil is better than most even on his worst day so don’t get the impression that this album isn’t worth hearing. It is totally epic!

Favorite song: Needle of Death

Ralph’s Rating: 5 Stars!

Spruce Effects - Salt Water Fuzz


Check out that picture! Brian Bicknell of Spruce Effects made this pedal custom for me! And, boy, am I glad he did. It rips so hard. Fuzz city. I love the way it sounds with the neck position P90 pickup on my G&L Fallout. Wooly and fat! Like a wooly mammoth! Back from the dead! From the ice! Uncovered in Russia! Get my metaphor there? Speaking of Russia, this pedal has some NOS Russian transistors in it! Oooo! Cold war tones. Cold. Like cool. Also, like wooly mammoths. My goodness. Poetry right? Kinda like the sound of this pedal! Anyway, buy one. It’s sick.

Viktor Frankl - Man’s Search For Meaning

Welcome to the Amplifier Warship book club! Just kidding. There is no book club but you should check out this book. It’s a holocaust memoir by a psychotherapist, which is a very interesting perspective! Frankl describes life in the midst of a very tough experience and how he recommends folks deal with such trauma. I liked it! Maybe you will too.


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