WK33: Khruangbin, EHX 44 Magnum, Moving Forward

Weekend Kickoff Thirty-Three!

Here we are again! The weekend is officially beginning. It’s a marvelous feeling that deserves a marvelous soundtrack!


Khruangbin - Con Todo El Mundo

It’s time to get funky, y’all! This band is groovy as heck. They are a mostly instrumental three-piece with only sparse vocals. Drums. Bass. Guitar. This record has only minimal overdubs. I heard some steel guitar sliding into the background once or twice and maybe some keys here and there. This minimalism thing is quite calming. It feels weird to say it, but "Con Todo El Mundo” is great in the background. That might sound like an insult, but it isn’t! I think Khruangbin has managed to create a record that can be listened to over and over again. It’s the subtle art of mellow…

I have to admit that I resisted liking this band for awhile but the infectious grooves made it past my bodily defenses and colonized my mind. And the infection only grows as I learn more. So, this band has a unique sound… check out this Rig Rundown where we learn that the guitar player Mark Speer never changes strings and never turns off his wah wah pedal. He also uses a Boss DS-1 distortion pedal left on all the time with the tone knob and the “dist” knob turned all the way down! How unique. And Laura Lee, the bassist, has never changed her bass strings… ever, and plays through a guitar amp!

Check this gang out on your drive home and ease into a chill weekend.

EHX 44 Magnum pedal/amp

This is the tiniest amp I’ve ever seen. The power supply is bigger than the amp itself! That in itself is a feat but to make it sound good? That would be incredible, huh? Well, it does. They’ve done it. But surely it lacks volume, right? Now, I’m not in a death metal band or anything but this little thing is as loud as I wanna play! It’s amazing. When I really got jazzed on it was when I plugged my bass into it. As one who primarily plays guitar I can sometimes get overwhelmed when trying to dial in a bass rig. Luckily with the 44 Magnum there’s only one knob: volume. There’s also a switch to add a little brightness. I can handle that level of complexity, ya’know? And did I mention that it sounds good?

If you ain’t moving forward, you’re moving backwards!


So true, huh? Everyday we have to wake up and remind ourselves to keep moving forward. Put one foot in front of the other. Recite our mantra. Be cool. Read something new. Try something scary. Meet new people. One phrase that resonates with me is “get out there!” Go give it a shot!

Have a great one!


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