WK32: De Stijl, Oscillator, Not-To-Do List

Weekend Kickoff Thirty-Two!

Guess who’s back? Back again… I’m not Slim Shady and this entry to the Weekend Kickoff Blog is not about Eminem. What I am is psyched about this weekend! How about some slick tunes?


The White Stripes - De Stijl

Oh my goodness. Who else out there had their life changed by this record? The White Stripes are truly an inspiration and this album is maybe their best. What do I mean by The White Stripes being an inspiration? I mean that they do what they want when they want. Indie darlings for sure. I realize that I’m typing in the present tense but the band has been disbanded for years now… does that mean we’re old? Ya… We’re old. The great thing about recordings though is that we can still listen now!

My favorite song from De Stijl is “Truth Doesn’t Make a Noise.” The lead guitar tone? Heart be still! It does it for me. Like how right in the beginning the lead guitar feeds back just a little bit? So real. And that there is what this band is all about. They are so real! Go back and give this one another spin for old times sake will you?


“Super Simple Oscillator”

Yo. Check it. You hearda Look Mum No Computer? He has a YouTube channel. It’s sick. Mad scientist analog synth stuff. He wrote a little article on his website. It’s directions on how to build a nice simple oscillator using a plain ol’ 2n3904 (I can just see you rolling your eyes: “how can anything with a name like 2n3904 be plain ol’?”). I built one. Check the pic! Two knobs: tune and tone. Tune is the note. Tone is a low-pass filter that shaves off some of those high harmonics. One jack for output. I wired up the jack to turn the thing on as well. Y’all should build one! Holler at ya’boi if you decide to build it and it’s sick. Or if it’s not sick. Or if you just want some hot tips for building your own. It’s not too hard, fo’ realz.

Not-To-Do list

Here’s what’s up. You have a lot of things to do. That to-do list keeps getting longer. People are asking for your time. You keep telling yourself “it’s good to stay busy!” And, it is. But, ya’know… Sometimes you just gotta say “NO!” You gotta decide what’s important to you! Be a little pick-and-choosey when it comes to your precious time! Take some things that are bugging you off that To-Do and put ‘em on your Not-To-Do. Chah!

Over and out!