WK30: Songhoy Blues, Fairy Tales & Magic, Boss GE-7

Weekend Kickoff Thirty!

Yesssss….. another great week wrapping up! How about some sick tunes to help us kick start the weekend?


Songhoy Blues - Résistance

Oh my goodness! What a conglomerate of genres on this album. While I know a couple of big words such as “conglomerate,” I do not have the vocabulary to describe all these styles and tones. I hear psychedelic. I hear rock’n’roll. I hear disco. I hear “world music.” I hear Iggy Pop sang on one of the songs on this album. Yeah, that Iggy Pop. And now I wanna be your dog. The closest thing I’ve heard to Songhoy Blues is King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard from down unda.

I have to give credit to Josh Scott’s JHS Blog for turning me onto this hot album. JHS makes some awesome guitar effects pedals. They also make an awesome vlog. Totally an inspiration!

Turn up this record on your drive home from work today and get pumped!


Fairy Tales & Magic

Beware of the trap of logic and facts. Magic can be silly. Or it can be a powerful concept or tool to think about and work with things out of your control or understanding. Coming to terms with the complexity of things is important and you've been given practice since you were a child reading fairy tales! You cannot and will not understand everything all the time but there are skills and wisdom to be gleaned from fairy tales, magic and *gasp* maybe even religion that may have some value to add to logic and facts!

Pedal of the week: Boss GE-7

You know what’s important? Guitar tone, obviously. On the relentless pursuit of said guitar tone there are some absolutely crucial tools. One: a guitar. The rest are slightly less crucial but still fun. Things like: amps, cables, and effects pedals. Here’s the thing. Tone is ALL about cutting some frequencies and boosting others and guess what this week’s pedal focuses on specifically? The Boss GE-7 gives you that power! A second bonus is that it’s a sick buffer for combating dreaded tone suck. Nice!

Have a great weekend!