WK29: Death From Above 1979, Octave Multiplexer, Just Start It

Weekend Kickoff Twenty-Nine!

OMG! It’s Friday! We are back for more tuneage. Tuneage is a word I made up. The first half is “tunes” as in a synonym for songs, diddies, etc. The second half is kinda like sausage. Tasty! Tuneage. Tasty tunes!

You're a Woman, I'm a Machine

Death From Above 1979 - You’re a Woman, I’m a Machine

We’re on a roll with duos here! Like Om, Death From Above 1979 is a bass guitar and drum duo! (I don’t want to say Drum & Bass duo because that’s a whole separate thing! Go check it out.) Also, like Om, DFA1979 makes a ruckus! When I first heard them I was riding in a stranger’s car and the driver had this record blasting. I was sitting in the back seat smiling ear to ear. I could not figure out how these musicians were making that sound and I found it fascinating. I asked the name of the band and wrote it on the back of my hand so I wouldn’t forget it!

Now, what do they sound like? Kinda dance-y but loud and distorted. No clean Bee-gees style grooves here. But, I promise it’ll get your butt moving. And that’s what it’s all about right? Moving butts! Check it out this weekend, it’ll get you pumped!

Pedal of the week: EHX Octave Multiplexer

This pedal gives you a full analog octave down. That means no lag like some digital octaves seem to have. It also means that it sounds crazy! I don’t know about y’all, but sometimes I’m looking for a little crazy in my guitar sounds. Kinda like I mentioned in my story above about first hearing DFA1979, I get a real kick out of hearing sounds and tones that I’ve never heard before. This pedal really satisfies that urge for me. It has three knobs: High Filter, Blend, Bass Filter; a switch: Sub; one input and two outputs: Dry Out and Effect Out. My preferred settings? All the knobs right in the middle; Sub switch off; mono through effect out. Killer! Check it out!

Like a Nike commercial

Y’all know the Nike slogan? Look it up… please? Just do it! Heh heh heh… good one Ralph. Just do it, get it? I have been using a version of that slogan to get myself going on some projects. My version is “Just start it!” I’m not saying I’m gonna ace it right now! I’m just saying, I can get a little bit going right now. From there? Who knows! But odds are, once I’m working away, I’ll get on a little bit of a roll! But, it all had to start somewhere. Just start it!

Have a great weekend!