WK28: Magick Songs, Big Muff Pi, Journaling

Weekend Kickoff Twenty-Eight!

Friends, fellow music lovers, welcome back! It is a glorious day for music. Jeff the Brotherhood has released a new record! Let's dive right into it.

Jeff the Brotherhood - Magick Songs

Jeff the Brotherhood - Magick Songs

What!?! Jeff the Brotherhood is back at it y'all. "Magick Songs" is their latest release and it came out TODAY! On top of that, it rips. Hard. Well... it definitely rips... but... it's actually kinda mellow! In a cool way. Chill like a cucumber. That being said there are some heavy sections. Quite heavy. Sometimes the guitar tones remind me of Metallica! Crazy! But most of it is mellow. It's quite cool.

Ya'know, I read a pitchfork review of "Magick Songs" and it was a good review. I started to ask myself, why do I need to review it too? Well, as you know reader, I don't so much review an album but instead share the music I love and hope you will love, too. Please enjoy! Ripper!


Electro-harmonix Big Muff Pi


It's big! This is more than my pedal of the week. The Big Muff Pi rules! It is my pedal of the century. It is billed as a Distortion/Sustainer (and that it does) but most of us refer to it as a fuzz pedal. In my experience, there isn't much to recognize of your guitar tone once this pedal gets ahold of it. Blown out, loud square waves with entirely too much wooly low end content. But in a good way! I keep saying that don't I? "But in a good way." Sometimes what's traditionally bad actually is SOOO good and this pedal is goooood. My photograph of my Big Muff Pi on the other hand is not good. Actually, I put the pedal in my scanner and scanned it! I thought it might be artistic or something. Anyhow! Get this pedal. And then, let'er'rip! Fuzz city! All day, every day!



I've been writing in a journal every day when I wake up and when I go to sleep. Am I channeling my inner middle school girl writing about her best friends new puppy? No. (I do like puppies though.) Am I writing my biography like I think I'm Benjamin Franklin or something? No. (I still like puppies though.) All I'm doing is putting some thoughts down. Putting pen to paper. Practicing my writing skills. Practicing getting my thoughts straight. Coherent sentences and all that jazz I ignored in school. Also, I'm setting goals. I'm recapping my day. I'm psyching myself up for a great day or a good nights sleep. I'm brainstorming new ideas. I'm counting my blessings. Reminding myself how good I have it and that I should be thankful. It's pretty fun! And it takes maybe 10 minutes in the morning and another 10 minutes at night. I highly recommend it.


Have a fantastic weekend!