WK27: Om, Keeley Katana, World-class effort

Weekend Kickoff Twenty-Seven!

Welcome back, team. I'm glad you could make it! Oh? You want to listen to something heavy this week do you? Did I hear you say doom-y? No? I made that word up didn't I... But, you did say doom didn't you? I would be happy to oblige!


Om - Variations on a Theme

Om rips. The band consists of the rhythm section of another band that I love and has been highlighted on this blog, namely Sleep. Now, as you know, Sleep is a three-piece band. What I'm getting at here is that Om is a duo. Oh, that's cute. Like Simon and Garfunkel? No. Instead its like, turning up amps, embracing distortion, and letting those bass strings sustain and those cymbals ring!

Favorite song? Hehehe... How about one that's 21 minutes and 16 seconds? As in, the entire A-side of the LP. Hehehe... The song is called "On the Mountain at Dawn." You gotta listen to the whole thing, though. You're in for a treat.

I saw Om live in San Diego at the Casbah with my good friend Christopher. Him and I do a podcast together. He said he'd come out to the show with me not because he likes doom metal but because he's a good bud. When the show started I lost track of Christopher. I thought maybe he was enjoying the music from somewhere in the back of the room. Afterwards, I found him and said, "wow! Great show, huh?" and he responded "It sounded great from outside." Suffice it to say that this band is loud. Therefore, to emulate the true experience, I recommend cranking up this weekend kickoff album!


Keeley Katana Clean Boost

How many of this pedal has Keeley sold? Tons. The serial number on mine was in the 10,000s. Whew! I could only hope to build something that popular. This pedal, the Katana Boost, is quite the utility. It is clean with no intention of coloring your tone to make you instantly sound like Slash or something. It does have the intention of making your guitar louder. It has a second intention, too. That would be, to make your guitar even louder than the first intention. :) My favorite way of using this pedal is to go straight into my amp dialed in with a pleasant low gain sound. And then I'll turn the pedal on full bloo-ey and all bets are off. Grunt. Distortion. Compression. Aka, guitar heaven. Give it a shot, y'all!


Is that a world class effort?

I listen to Tim Ferriss' podcast. Doesn't everyone? It's pretty good! One nugget I got out of the episode with Ann Miura-Ko was the question: is that a world class effort? When I'm working on something I now try to ask myself if the outcome is satisfactory. And by satisfactory, I mean, is it something that is undeniably cool? For me, it kind of boils down to stepping out of my own head for a second. If I look objectively at the thing I'm working on, can I say that it is awesome? If it was something somebody else had made, would I think it was well done? Now, I want to make sure that this isn't confused with perfectionism, because that's no good! Perfectionism is all in your own head. I'm talking about taking a rational objective look at things.

Have a great weekend!