WK26: Paranoid, Phatsy Cline's, MXR D+

Woot woot!

The weekend is upon us! I have a feeling it's going to be a good one. Maybe you could say "I Gotta Feeling." Black Eyed Peas are not the album of the week though... Not because they aren't awesome. It's more because no one is as awesome as:

Black Sabbath - Paranoid

Black Sabbath - Paranoid

The Beginning

Let me tell you a story. There is a band and they once made the greatest record ever. That record is called "Paranoid." The band? Well, the band is called Black Sabbath. Bill Ward. Tony Iommi. Geezer Butler. Ozzy.

As soon as I drop the needle onto this album my heart starts beating faster. Seriously. So good! I know you've all heard it before but go pull up "War Pigs" and give it another listen. What can I say? The best drumming. The best bass playing. The best guitar playing. And Ozzy wraps it all up into perfection. That goes for the rest of the songs as well! Right when "War Pigs" finishes, "Paranoid" starts! [side note: my band Droll Weevil ended every set we played with "Paranoid" for a year. We took it out since, but I'm thinking it might need to be reinstated...]


Speaking of the band...


Droll Weevil is playing tonight, y'all! Come out and see us at Phatsy Cline's in Eureka. We'll be playing all night right after the Friday Night Market. We'd love to see you! Who knows, we might play some Sabbath!


Pedal of the Week!

This weeks featured pedal is an oldie but goodie: the MXR Distortion +! There are a few things I really like about this pedal. First, only two knobs! I'm a simple man, know what I mean? I get overwhelmed easy. Options are sometimes synonymous with confusion. The D+ is straight forward. How much distortion you want? "I'll take all of it, thanks." How loud do you want that distortion? "As loud as it goes, thank you." I can remember my settings that way!

The other thing I love about the MXR Distortion + is that it's yellow. Just kidding, just kidding! I'm not that much of a simpleton... Well.... I'll get back to that another time. No, the second thing I like about this pedal is that it lets bass frequencies through relatively unscathed which makes it sound sick on bass. Frying on the high end but still there on the low end. Not farty. Ripping.


Quickee-Quote (I like that! Should I trademark it? :P)

I was reading this book called "The Effective Executive," by Peter Drucker. Really intertesting. I copied a quote out of it: "In every area of effectiveness within an organization, one feeds the opportunities and starves the problems." BOOM! Genius!


Gotta roll! Have a great one!



PS. Here's this weeks demo!