WK25: Earth 2, JHS VCR, Sunk Cost Fallacy


Is it the weekend already? Woo hoo! Let's get heavy!

Earth - 2 (special low frequency version)

Earth - 2 (special low frequency version)

Seminal drone/doom metal band

Gosh. This album is heavy. Real heavy. It came out way back in '93. Awe the nostalgia... SubPop Records decided that to live up to their name they "needed some 'sub' to go along with the 'pop.'" (link to interview with Bruce Pavitt, SubPop co-founder). Earth is not your average 80's heavy metal glam-rock band, if you know what I mean! Not that there's anything wrong with that. :P Forget 3 minute hit singles! Heck! Forget 8 minute ballads! Too short. This album is one long 75 minute song split into three parts (only because LPs are 25 minutes long!)

This album. It rules. It will rattle your mom's old Hi-Fi. Turn it up loud and ride the waves of distortion and feedback. Don't let your drummer hear it, though, because she might feel threatened that your new favorite band doesn't need much percussion at all! Enjoy, friends.


Effects pedal of the week: JHS VCR

The JHS VCR sounds SOOOO good. It is three effects in one: Volume, Chorus, and Reverb. Get it? V-C-R? Eh eh eh eh! Pretty clever. Each effect has only one knob and one on/off toggle switch. I, for one, am a big fan of simplicity and therefore I love this layout.

But what about the tonezzz, Ralph? All the tonez. I really like the volume effect. To my ears and through my amp it is more of an overdrive sound functioning similarly to EQD's Speaker Cranker (which I also love). I should mention that there is a hidden switch on the pedal which seems to act as a thinning/thickening switch. I like the thickening mode. It makes my Telecaster sound nice and big! In the thinning position, the Volume knob worked more like a clean boost.

Onto the chorus! Recommended setting: 2 o'clock for Mac Demarco wobbles. Sounds tasty. And the reverb? I always thought of myself as a spring reverb- (or maybe slap-back echo) only kinda guy. You know, old school. Rockin' and rollin'. This VCR pedal had me loving the extended ambiance, though. Riffs sound so smooooth... Sorry I was day dreaming for a second.

Long story short, I recommend this pedal! All of its sounds are great!


The Sunk Cost Fallacy

Whelp. I've already paid the money for some event. I guess I have to go... But wait! Who is forcing me to go? No one? It seems like the only pressure I feel is some obscure rule that I've made up for myself. I feel guilty for having wasted some money. It's true that I can't get the money back. But right now, today, I have a different decision: do I want to go? If the answer is "no," then what does it matter how much money I spent yesterday? The price I paid is "sunk." Maybe it's a waste, but forcing myself to go to the event doesn't somehow get that money back! In fact, I might be even more wasteful if I go to the event today! Imagine the important stuff I could get done with all that time. You see, today's decision needs to be made based on today's considerations. Easier said then done sometimes, I know, but it sure makes sense doesn't it?


Have a good one!



P.S. Wanna hear a song I wrote and recorded a demo for? This week the song is "Keep it Real." I write a new song every week! I'll post them here on the blog.