WK31: The Kills, Data Corrupter, Resolution

Weekend Kickoff Thirty-One!

Ahhh yeah! You know what day it is? Friday! And you know what Friday means? Lot’s of things!... including my weekly recommendation of some hot tunes! Check it out…


The Kills - Midnight Boom

I keep a list of my favorite songs of all time. At the moment there are only four songs on said list. “Tape Song” from this album right here is one of them. The Kills are truly fantastic. Really groovy. Really weird. The components are usually a drum machine clicking away, Alison Mosshart belting out lead vocals, and support from Jamie Hince on guitar and backup vocals. They are quite unique in their sound.

This next thing I’m about to say might sound like hyperbole but I swear its true. You gotta believe me! :p The Kills are the loudest band I’ve ever seen and heard live. And I mean that in the best way. Jamie would walk over to the drum machine to get a beat started and the first kick drum would hit me right in the chest every time. Jamie’s guitar is so unique and also so very loud. Every song felt louder than the last. I was constantly surprised and I loved it the whole time. Therefore, I recommend turning this record up!

Pedal of the week: EarthQuaker Devices - Data Corrupter

Speaking of unique guitar sounds… This pedal is pretty nuts. First step: heavy square wave fuzz. Second step: rumbly sub-octaves. Third Step: words cannot describe. Warbley harmonies? Harmony makes it sound warm and wholesome... Not harmony. Chaos? There are a few options here but be confident that whatever choices you make its going to sound crazy and, you know, sometimes we all need to get a little crazy. “Transparent overdrives” be damned! This pedal does NOT make your guitar sound like a vintage tweed amp.



“Resolve to perform what you ought; perform without fail what you resolve.” - Benjamin Franklin.

Oh my goodness! I have been thinking about this quote a lot lately. Benjamin Franklin wrote this in his list of thirteen virtues that I’ve mentioned before on this blog. Imagine how productive we could all be if we cultivated this virtue. We would get so much work done! It would be great. There’s another thing that would be great, too. If we trained our resolve, imagine how GOOD we would feel about ourselves. How good we would feel about our lives! There’s an interesting feeling that comes out of this resolution and that is a trust in one’s self! A confidence in ones own decisions! When I say I’m doing something, I do it dang it! That maybe is the true value of practicing this virtue. Benji, you da man!


Have another fantastic weekend!