Aaaannnndddd we’re back!

Today’s songaweek was a fun one to record! I’m kinda pumped on the drum sound. I used just one mic! It was close to the snare drum. That’s the most important drum anyway, right? I recently figured out how to run the inserts on my audio interface and ran the drums through an external compressor. Kinda squishy! Kinda blasted sounding. Crispy. Other adjectives. I like it! There’s some reverb on ‘em, too.

Acoustic guitar was my large-diaphragm condenser basically just slapped up in front of the guitar. Electric guitars were DI’d with amp models. Bass guitar was DI’d, too. I added an amp model later on to that.

Vocals were through the same condenser through the same compressor as the drums. Squashed a little less, though. Only they were crushed pretty hard in software… There are three vocal tracks: the main one, a second one in the choruses that has an effects pedal distortion plug-in on it, and the higher harmony part in the bridge.

Lyrics. I must admit that I’m much more comfortable talking about instruments and tones. Anyhoo… what was I thinking about while writing? I had read some buddhist thing about only focusing on your own emotions which are the only thing we have control of. That resonates with me but, ya’know, the external stuff still effects me! Therefore, within/without. Boom!

Thank y’all.