weekly digest (Jan 27, 2019)

Hello, hello, hello!

Awesome week. You? Good!

What happened on the blog this week, then?

Monday! Songaweek day! Yes… I rewrote an older songaweek called “Passing You” as “Don’t Hold Back.” I think it’s better. What do you think?

Tone Tuesday! I reviewed the Catalinbread Echorec. It’s an awweeesommee delay effects pedal for my fellow guitar nuts.

Wednesday? That’s humpday! A Machiavelli quote was what that one was all about.

On Thursday Christopher and I opened up our newest podcast: The Ralph & Christopher Podcast! It’s on Spotify and iTunes and I hope wherever you listen to podcasts. Lemme know if and how you find it!

Friday! The end of the week /slash/ beginning of the weekend! Gotta love it. Also, gotta love Toots and the Maytals. Definitely up there as one of the greatest of all time in my book.

What else? What were you up to? Email me!

Oh yeah. New website! You are at ralphctill.com! That’s what I was working on this week.

With that,