weekly digest

Here we are! Another week complete. I hope it was an awesome one for you.

Here on the blog there were a few posts that might interest you.

Songaweek was “The Best Thing.” I kinda liked it. Tell me what you think. There’s potential right? How about the autotune vocals? Crazy, huh? Confession time: the drums are fake! :o

The Behringer Ultra Chorus is mad cheap. And when you’re talking about a cheesy effect like chorus, who cares am-i-right?

Y’all know Marcus Aurelius? He wrote a journal to himself called “Meditations” and its available to us now. Stoic philosphy. I share a quote here.

Christopher and I are still at with a new episode of our podcast. This weeks episode involved David Attenborough, Scarlett Johansson and Charles Barkley.

Jessica Pratt released a new album and it is my favorite release of the year. Huge.

Valentine’s day was sick, right?

See y’all soon.