weekly digest



How about last week, huh? Pretty epic!

Here on the blog we had some fun. On Monday, I released a songaweek called So Very Fine. I played slide guitar! First time I’ve ever done that on record.

On Tone Tuesday, I played my favorite fuzz pedal: the Danelectro French Toast. It’s based on a Foxx Tone Machine!

On humpday, on shared a Teddy Roosevelt quote. I won’t spoil it for you. Go check it out.

Thursdays is when the podcast comes out! Christopher and I chat about gambling on basketball games and theme music. Check it out: here.

And of course the kickoff to the weekend! Two words: Japanese Breakfast.

I learned something this week. Old Boss pedals used a 12V wall wart adapter! Which is why my EQ pedals LED was so dim! Just jumper a diode and a resistor and we’re at full brightness! Awesome.

Have a good one, y’all!