weekly digest

G’day friends!

Nah, I’m not Australian. I do love Steve Irwin, though. RIP.

This week we had all the blogs! On Monday, I released a song called “A Blast.” I have a dream of making beats and this is in that realm. On Tone Tuesday, I ‘show and tell’d about my beloved 70s Fender Musicmaster Bass. On humpday, I laid the foundation to do some more thinking about what I’m calling “Cognitive Harmony.” On Thursday, Christopher and I talk about the National Women’s Soccer League and lay out plans for bringing a team to Humboldt County. Check it out: here or on iTunes and Spotify. And Friday, what a great day Friday is. Vampire Weekend released a couple of songs and man are they good. Read my comments: here.

I reopened ampwarship.com. It’s a sick landing page right now.

Otherwise, things are good! I hope this message finds you well.