Weekend Kickoff Twenty-Three


Is it the weekend again already? I for one am psyched! I get to bust out one of my favorite albums, turn it up loud, and share my love with y'all!

Fuzz - s/t

Fuzz - s/t

Oh man.... Ripper. Absolute ripper. Shredder even. Absolute shredder.

So, imagine if Ty Segall was in Black Sabbath. That would be sooo sick! That hasn't happened... yet. But, this band "Fuzz" is the next best thing. Ty plays drums and sings. Charles Moothart absolutely wails on the guitar. Roland Cosio plays bass. Riff city.

My favorite song off the album is "What's in my head?" The chorus. Oh my goodness. Listen to the chorus... Segall can craft a chorus am-i-right? Suffice it to say that this album is heavy. I highly recommend it! Stretch your neck muscles first, though, because you wouldn't want to end up tweaking something from head banging all weekend!


Seek to understand, not to judge

Bear with me here readers. Bare with me? Beer with me? Pear with me? I just googled it. It's "bear with me." Anyhow...

My first meme!

My first meme!

Bear with me here. Sometimes I write these life tip/lesson-type things. I kinda like doing it. I plan to keep doing it! I hope y'all like it. Maybe learn something. I'm trying to learn too! This week's tip is something that ya'boy (aka me) really needs to learn. "Seek to understand, not to judge," says the seal. I am SO quick to judge. Like lightning! (Lightening? It's lightning. I'm learning so much about grammar and spelling!) *humble-brag* I think its something I'm good at. (Judging people, not spelling and grammar.) Good at judging people? Ya, like, I'm fast at it. Savvy? But... alas... I think I need to get over it. I'm still wrong fairly often. I need to give people the benefit of the doubt more often. And what I really need to do is ask more clarifying questions. I don't know everything! (news flash!) The people I meet know stuff I don't! I should open up my ears more. Ask some questions. Seek to understand! Will y'all help me do this? Keep me accountable a'ight?

Love, Peace, and Chicken Grease!


Have an head-banging weekend!