Weekend Kickoff Twenty-One!

Welcome back team!

Another Friday! Yessssss.... How about some hot tunes?

John Mayer - Continuum

John Mayer - Continuum

Tone for dayz

John Mayer. John Mayer can play a guitar. In fact, he can play a guitar quite well! Steve Jordan. Steve Jordan can play drums. In fact, he can play drums quite well! Pino Palladino. Pino Palladino can play bass. In fact... You get what I'm saying. "Continuum" is an example of excellent musicianship. Listen to how delicate and smooth John Mayer's guitar licks are. Such touch! Such feel! Such tone! Am I swooning over here?

"Continuum" was released in 2006, soon after the live album "Try!" in 2005. These two albums were an introduction (or wake up call) to John Mayer for a lot of us rock'n'roll/blues/guitar-centric-music fans. I found myself pleading with my friends, "This guy can really play! I know 'Body is a Wonderland' was kinda cheesy but you gotta listen to this guy's tone! It's great!" and so now I'm pleading with you, dear reader. Go back and listen to this album. And tell me what you think about that tone!


Two Ears, One Mouth

A man with a really great mustache, two ears, and one mouth.

A man with a really great mustache, two ears, and one mouth.

Man, I need to learn to shut up sometimes. I get chatting away, derailing conversations, totally missing the point! I guess you could say I get a little pushy when it comes to conversations. I apologize for that and I promise to try and get better. Yoda says, "do or do not, there is no try" and he was a jedi master. Alright then! No trying. I'll do it! What I need is a simple mantra... One that will be easy to remember. One that I can repeat to myself BEFORE I start interrupting my friends. One that I could be reminded of every time I see another person. Or even a picture of a person! Or even myself in the mirror! Each person has one forehead, two eyes, one nose with two nostrils, a whole bunch of teeth and lots of little hairs on their heads, eyebrows, chins, and upper lips (mustaches rule, btw). Also, every person has two ears, and one mouth. "Two ears, one mouth." And how allegorical! Ears are for listening and mouths are for speaking, so maybe I'm physically disposed to listen twice as much as I talk. I can remember that. That's my new mantra! Will you join me? You wouldn't want to disappoint Yoda...


Have a great weekend,