Weekend Kickoff Twenty-Four!

It's here! The freakin' weekend!

Have y'all heard of Jessica Pratt? She is REALLY good. Let's spin it!

Jessica Pratt - On Your Own Love Again

Jessica Pratt - On Your Own Love Again

What is freak-folk?

I don't know what freak folk is! Now that genres are out of the way, let's talk about Jessica Pratt. I went to see her play at the Catalyst Atrium in Santa Cruz when she was on tour for this album, "On Your Own Love Again." I'm telling you. She is good. Just her, her voice, and her guitar. The emotion she lays out is incredible. Lots of beautiful arpeggios. Weird chords slapped right up next to old familiar progressions. Really expressive. Really cool. I bought the cassette tape at the show. It's sick. You can also listen to the album online too if your cassette deck broke like mine did.

A new book!

I bought a new book called "Electronics for Guitarists" by Denton Daily. I can't review it since I just got it in the mail and haven't had a chance to read it! I'm psyched though. From what I understand, it's an electronics text written from the perspective of a guitar player. I hope that means it will be a little a less of a dry read! I'll let y'all know my opinion after I've read a bit. Stoked!


What's the worst that could happen?

It's easy to be scared of the unknown. That fear can make it hard to start a big project. Who knows what problems we might run into! Well... I can think of one way to figure out what those unknown problems might be... Shed some light on the situation... That is, we could get out there and give it a shot! What's the worst that could happen anyway? What? Maybe, we're a little embarrassed. No prob. We can handle that. What if we learn something? What if we get some information or experience that we wouldn't have gotten any other way? Now, that doesn't sound too bad! I could live with that. I guess we might as well get a move-on then, huh? Overcome that fear! What's the worst that could happen anyway?


Have a great weekend!