Weekend Kickoff Twenty!

Can I get a: WOO HOO!

It's Friday! The weekend is here! We need a REALLY good record to listen to on this special day, don't we?

The White Stripes - Get Behind Me Satan

The White Stripes - Get Behind Me Satan

I love The White Stripes.

Like, really really. Like, a lot. I sometimes say that Jack White taught me how to play guitar. But it's more than that. The White Stripes helped me (and a lot of us) make the leap from "mainstream" popular music into the world of lo-fi, self-produced, warts-and-all (read "real") music. Music isn't about perfection. It isn't about showing off. It's about feeling! Haha, enough clichés. What about this album?

"Get Behind Me Satan" is The White Stripes' fifth LP and it rules. It comes on the heels of "Elephant" where the band proved themselves as arena rock stars and Jack White proved himself as a #guitargod. Then comes "Get Behind Me Satan." Where are the shredding guitars? Well that's there with songs like "Blue Orchid," "Instinct Blues" and one of my personal faves, "Red Rain." But, most of the album is played on marimbas! And pianos! And a freakin' mandolin! It's fantastic. What depth. You gotta check it out! side note: Meg Rulez.

Check out this really great live video of the band playing their hit "My Doorbell" from this record. Meg is on drums, Jack is playing bass (who said The White Stripes didn't have a bass player :P), the the host (Jools Holland) playing piano!


What we GET to do!

Every day we wake up, get up out of bed, brush our teeth and think about the day's to-do list. Sometimes we have fun stuff to do and it's great! But, sometimes the list can be a bit scary, or daunting, or boring... What if I said that you can make some choices about how your day is going to go? First of all, you might have more control over the things you do than you think. Be creative! Also, you have COMPLETE control over what you think and how you feel (there's that word again!). That's in your own head! You own that! Inject a little gratitude in there. Make a simple word swap in your internal dialogue from "I have to do this" to "I get to do this" and you're well on your way to a good day! Give it a shot! Tell me how it goes.


Have a great weekend!