Weekend Kickoff Sixteen!


Are you ready for the weekend!? You wanna boogie? Of course you do! And I have just the album to get your butt moving!

T. Rex - Electric Warrior

T. Rex - Electric Warrior

"...a flamboyant, pop-friendly take on electric rock and roll known as glam rock."

You already know "Get It On (Bang a Gong)," but how about "Mambo Sun," "Lean Woman Blues," or one of my favs, "Life's a Gas"? Marc Bolan is bringing back Rock and Roll with this album from 1971. Relentless boogie. Over the top and unapologetic. This is a fun one, y'all! Chances are you already have this album! Go crawl up into your dusty attic and find your old vinyl record collection. Pull out "Electric Warrior," slap it on to your turntable, crank up the HiFi, and boogie the night away!


Droll Weevil live!

Speaking of Rock and Roll... I play in a band! We're called Droll Weevil! And we have a show tonight! I made a poster:


Wanna come check us out? That'd be cool! We have some tunes online too, if you wanna scope those (Thanks!): Tuneage! 


Don't get mad!

Hey! I understand. I feel you. Sometimes it's cathartic to let it all out. Air out your feelings! I get it. But at some point, once you've cooled off, I would recommend forgiveness. Here's the thing, your anger and frustration are bringing YOU down. Maybe it's not your fault! The world is being unfair! I'm saying, all you can do is control YOUR reaction. YOUR feelings. Let it go. Move forward! Don't wallow! Take control! Find a creative solution! Exclamation point! Anyway, you get the picture: Forgiveness doesn't just mean letting someone else off the hook, it means letting YOURSELF of the hook to get back to enjoying the day!

It's been real!


Have a great weekend!