The Dumpz

Hey! I missed y’all last week. Where was I?!

Well, anyhoo, we’re back at it. This song is an instrumental! I had some words for it but decided to leave ‘em out. I think the lead guitar acts as the vocals. Feeeel the emotion!

I started with acoustic guitar and a new recording trick. I pointed the microphone right at the lower shoulder of the guitar. Shoulder? Is that what it’s called? Anyways, I pointed the mic where a cutaway would be if my guitar had a cutaway… which it doesn’t… Really easy! And I was happy with the results.

Then comes the bass, which is my normal routine. I find that I more readily hear the parts that need work when I’m trying to play along and lay in a groove on the bass. The bass was straight in with no processing at all. Sounds great I think!

Then an electric guitar rhythm track. Bonkers. Then that sweet sweet lead guitar!

I tried to put in some electronic drums… I need a little more practice with that though. I did but in a little organ and some timpani of all things!

Noish! (So ironic today, huh?)