The Bones

Well here we go!

A reminder. PSA if you will. These songs are recorded quickly. That’s really a reminder for me. The point of SAW is to have a deadline and a time limit. There is so much to learn from going through the whole process. I can slow down on other projects if I choose but this project is about speed!

“The Bones” is about the hamster wheel of life and wonders whether we can get free of that. I think we can! Take a little ownership my friends! Nice. Enough preaching.

I have a new audio interface and it’s awesome. It has a beautiful DI input and I plugged my electric straight on in. You can tell I liked the sound because its mixed entirely too loudly in the mix! Guitar players… am i right?

The bass was DI’d too. A second bass doubles the outro riff with an octave on it.

The vocals were a scratch take to help us remember where we were in the composition. I ran out of time and they ended up as the final take. One fun thing about that is that I used a $19 Behringer dynamic mic! Sounds alright doesn’t it? Good to know…

The drums are in three tracks. The kick drum is captured using that same Behringer mic in the sound whole pointed at the beater and then low- and high-passed pretty hard to just get the fundamental. Then, that is taken and pitched down a whole octave. I hope it doesn’t blow up you car or something. The snare drum is an SM57 on the batter side. Since Claire uses the rim of the snare drum a lot it pics up that sound too. It’s EQ’d a bit to balance that rim sound and the snare hit sound. An overhead was taken too. It mostly picks up the cymbals. I put kind of a lot of delay on that track.

I coulda balanced the vocals a little more. Next time!

I think that’s it! Enjoy.