Telling Lies

I missed a week? Weak…

But, I’m back with “Telling Lies”

I recorded this song on my old computer with a usb mic into Garageband. Why, you ask? Perhaps I was travelling? Perhaps I spilled kool-aid on my computer? Perhaps the studio is infested with aliens? No, no, and no. I just felt like it! A challenge to myself, I suppose.

Guitar, vocals, claps, shaker, and fake bass. By fake bass I mean that I recorded a single note line on guitar and pitched it down.

The lyrics are about trying to be honest with yourself. Easier said than done am I right? Even if you aren’t prone to actively lying to yourself, it’s still hard to be accurate in thought. I often look back at events and think, “wow, that’s totally different than I thought it was.”

Anyhoo, enjoy!