Tame Impala's "Innerspeaker" (WK37)


I told you I was bringing it back. Remember those Budweiser commercials? Yeah, the ones with the frogs. Tell me that’s not nostalgic for you!

I got a good one for y’all this week!

“Innerspeaker” LP on my workbench

“Innerspeaker” LP on my workbench


I know this might sound weird but I think Tame Impala could have easily wound up as a metal band. What!? But they’re so chill!

They are chill. And it’s great. But lets have a little thought experiment here. Put on any of the songs of this record. Focus on the main riff. Kinda crunchy, huh? Now. Imagine if there wasn’t any reverb. Huh!? Huh!? That would be pretty tight huh? Pretty heavy, I’d say!

Also, I love where the melodies happen in the tonal spectrum of this album. So much of the groove is down in the lower frequencies with washy ambiance (pronounce: Omb-ee-aunce, like you’re a fancy brit or something) up in the high frequencies. Quite unique! And quite cool!

Check it out y’all, I know you’ll love it.

Favorite song: Lucidity!