Save Tuesday

Hello, hello, hello!

I’m doing a new thing! I want to write a little thing about my latest songaweek recordings. I plan to do this regularly. Let me know if you think its okay.

This song has only two parts: acoustic guitar and electric bass. I began with the acoustic. I played with my fingers which I almost never do. I loved it in this case because of the intimacy and low volume. There are four inputs going into the recording for the acoustic guitar. I used a large-diaphragm condenser microphone somewhere in the room with the gain way up. I wanted some air in the recording. I used two live vocal mics in an x-y configuration much closer to the guitar. The gain is pretty darn high on those, too, because I was playing so quietly. They are panned hard. The last input was the DI from the guitar. The DI track is the only one with any post-processing on it and it is very low in the mix.

The second part is the electric bass. I went ahead and left the x-y mics up and got the very faint plucking sound of the bass. The DI from the bass is processed some and again, very low in the mix.

Now, the composition of the song is not very complex and to be honest, I worried that it was too elementary. But, I just didn’t want to clutter things. I wanted intimacy, not complexity. I love the chord intervals, which are mostly two strings.

The hiss you hear is from the electronics because the mics were turned up so loud. While that isn’t ideal, I have actually come to love it. It’s a comforting white noise. Reminiscent to me of jazz drums played with brushes. I swear I can hear rhythm in it.

How does one name an instrumental track? I suppose one could imagine how it makes them feel. Or what they were pondering while playing the song. In this case, I needed to save the file and it was a Tuesday. Hence, “Save Tuesday.”

The song is up on bandcamp now for you to stream or buy. Next week it’ll be up on all your othr favorite streaming/downloading services.