Samba One

Hello all! This week I’m trying my hand at a samba beat, aptly named Samba One. The next one might be Samba Two, you never know.

Here’s the origin story of this song:

Claire and I were having a little band practice. I’d been working on playing along with a metronome and showed Claire how the metronome app on my phone worked. We played along with the tick tick tick for a bit when nature struck. As I was doing my business I overheard Claire in the other room manipulating the settings on the metronome and changing the meter. Now, you see, I’d never thought of doing anything like that because I come from a rock’n’roll background and rock music is commonly in “common” time (aka 4/4). Claire on the other hand is a competitive ballroom dancer and thinks in genres of dance… DING! Inspiration struck me whilst I squat on the pot. With Claire’s help, I’ll write some songs that ballroom dancers could dance to!

And that’s how it all happened. Yes I just put my own monologue in quotes…

The composition of this song is/was (grammar, huh?) much different than normal for me. Claire played a groovy Samba beat on the drums and I ran around and picked up different instruments trying to come up with melodic and harmonic parts. We came up with some stuff and took notes. To begin recording I pulled up the virtual drummers on Apple Logic. They play all kinds of groovy things but the flat our rhythm wasn’t banging enough for me. I programmed a kick drum. Then, I programmed some crazy African drum sample as the backbeat. I quickly recorded myself playing a skanking guitar and looped the whole dang shabang. I had plans to compose a few different parts (verses, choruses, etc.). For inspiration I noodled on my acoustic guitar and recorded that. While listening back I went full DJ and brought the other tracks in and out. I liked it so much that I recorded that and that’s what you’re hearing now.

I had a ton of fun recording this track and I hope you enjoy it.