Rust Belt Supergroup! (Weekend Kickoff 38)

Broken Boy Soldiers by The Raconteurs


Oh my goodness… I has been toooooo long! This album was released in 2006, which is quite some time ago now. Do you remember when it first came out? “Jack White in a band besides the White Stripes!?” is what we were all saying. I was worried about it myself. As it turned out, Broken Boy Soldiers ripped.

Now… I admit that it had been awhile since I spun this album. But! My band Droll Weevil and I were looking for some fun cover songs to play and we came up with the song “Hands” from this album. We started jamming to it and I was pleasantly surprised with the subtle complexity of the song! Long story short, I listened to the rest of the record and, I’ll tell you what, these guys are good. Better than I remembered even!

Who else is in The Raconteurs? Our boy, Jack White of course. Another absolute favorite for me is Brendan Benson and he’s here, too. Then, of course, there is the dynamic duo rhythm section from The Greenhornes: Patrick Keeler and Jack Lawrence. You might know Jack Lawrence as “Little Jack” from The Dead Weather. Lawrence is also a brand new member of Jeff the Brotherhood. If you’ve been following this blog, you know that I love love love Jeff the Brotherhood so I’m pretty excited!

This record is a little heavier than I remembered it! So turn it up this weekend!


Recommended song: Hands