Out of the Game of Late

This song was recorded on my cell phone. Here’s what happened…

When I write songs I usually start by idly strumming my guitar. If I’m lucky, something catches my ear and I think “that sounds cool!” Then I try to take whatever that cool riff or melody or set of chords and add more cool things to it. I then put those parts in some kind of order. I usually mumble some words off the top of my head just to get an idea what a vocal melody might sound like. At this point, I’ll grab my cell phone out of my pocket and make a voice memo of the song.

Then, I can listen back to what I have and come up with some lyrics. In this instance, the inspiration was a conversation I had with my friend about going on dates and he made me feel like maybe things are a bit different than the way they were in my day. So, I wrote some words. Often, I’ll write the words down in a notebook (analog or digital) and head into the studio. I’ll record the instruments properly and compose as I go. Only at the end do I sing, usually looking at the lyrics usually winging it. This time it was a little different, though. I came up with the vocal delivery while the guitar was still in my hand on the couch (before entering the studio). So, I thought, what-the-heck? I’ll make another voice memo of me doing the song start to finish with guitar and vocals, thinking that I would just use that to jog my memory when I got in the studio later.

While n the studio I set up some mics and worked on getting a good acoustic guitar tone and played the part. But, I didn’t like it. I tried some more things and, ya’know, I didn’t like any of it more than that original voice memo! So, I imported the voice memo into Logic and did a little EQ and compression and voila! Easy peasy.

I hope you enjoy!