Orchid Children

I was listening to a podcast where a child psychologist defined children as either orchid children or dandelion children. Actually, he called it a spectrum but didn’t make a big deal out of that. Orchid children are supposed to be sensitive and dandelion children are less so. Noice!

Anyway, I just thought the phrase orchid children sounded cool. There’s a Sabbath song called “Orchid” and a song called “Children of the Grave.” That’s all I could think about so I wrote down some words.

The track is totally blown out. I was messing with the multiband compressor and tbh I didn’t know what I was doing! The whole thing is pretty mangled but I sorta like it.

These songaweeks are kinda hard sometimes! Yup. I am torn between making them better and having the challenge of writing, recording, and mixing a song in a couple of hours.

Acoustic guitar to begin. Larrivee into an SM57. Bass next: Musicmaster into the line in (as opposed to the DI). Sneaky bass solo: Bass VI noodlin’ before I figured out the part. Vocals: really rough into the same SM57. Drums with just the SM57 on the ground. I think the snare sounds cool but the cymbals are too loud.

Thanks so much for listening. TTYL.