Never Know


Here’s the song I wanted to share last week. It made it out!

I’m singing about walking or bike riding through the woods and wondering if I’ll be eaten alive by a mountain lion. :o

The guitar tones are virtual amp models. Kinda wild!

The bass is my new Squier IV aka Bass IV. I’m stoked on it. It’s basically a bass guitar built more like a guitar with six strings and a tremolo bar. I played it pretty straight, though. Normal bass playing. It’s recorded direct in.

Drums were recorded using my “Elvis Mic” as I call it because its retro and looks like it could have been sung through by Elvis Presley aka “The King!” There’s a bit of reverb on it for ambiance.

There is some organ in the guitar solo. That’s me playing a MIDI keyboard.

Vocals were run through a tube pre-amp and what’s called an RNC compressor. I don’t know if I used ‘em right cause I haven’t used much outboard gear.

That is all! Thank you for listening!