Mac DeMarco's Salad Days (Weekend Kickoff 36!)


Is that how you spell that? Wussup? Wuzzup? What’s up? Just ‘sup?


How are y’all? Oh, me? I’m fine. Thanks. You know what? I’m better than fine! It’s Friday y’all! Time to get down. We can get down, we can, we can get down! It’s like that man…


That stands for Public Service Announcement. Noice!

I’m shaking up the Weekend Kickoff blog! Fridays. AKA days like today, are just about sick records to kick off your weekend right! I will also have new entries at random times. Those might be effects pedal demos, book reviews, random musings, and lord knows what else. Subscribe to the email list HERE to stay up to date!

And without further ado!


Mac DeMarco - Salad Days

Whew! Ol’ Mackie D, as I like to call him has put out some great records, hasn’t he? I don’t actually call him Mackie D. Don’t tell him I said that. You can tell him that I think he puts out great records, though. That’s the honest truth.

“Salad Days” strikes me as quite heartfelt. Maybe even sappy. I love sappy. [editorial note: Ralph means sappy as in “excessively sentimental; mawkish,” as opposed to “(of a plant) containing a lot of sap.”] [author’s note: “duh”]

DeMarco’s guitar tone is tell-tale. He uses that watery vibrato warble in most excellent ways. That combined with his bone-dry, distortion-free recording makes for such a sweet guitar sound. How many of you out there immediately started dialing in a cleaner tone after hearing this dude? Yep, i dusted off my old chorus pedal and I was jamming. Smoooooth, baby. Thanks Mac!

Favorite song: Chamber of Reflection

Have a great weekend!