Low Gravity

Alright, alright, alright!

Low Gravity is this weeks songaweek. It’s about chillin’. Hard.

I really like this chord progression. It’s simple but fun! I came up with the idea on acoustic guitar but recorded only using electric guitars. No amps were harmed in the making of this record. The rhythm guitar is using my Radial DI and my effects pedals. The lead guitar is straight in and then processed in Logic Pro. Bass was straight in as well. And drums! First of all, I played the drums and deserve all the blame :P. Second of all, I had a lot of fun playing them and might do some more on future recordings (with a little more practice). Third of all, I used my old drum recording technique of mic’ing just the room in a stereo fashion. Going for some realism… The funny thing, though, is that the drums are the only real sounding thing! I kinda like it anyway. Lastly, I recorded the vocals. I have this large diaphragm condenser mic that I just love singing in to. I think it’s kinda cool. There’s a bit of delay on the vocals.

Hope you dig it!