Love You More


This week’s song is called “Love You More.” I hope you enjoy it!

I started recording the song on acoustic guitar. I thought about using a click track (aka metronome) to stay in time but opted not to. Instead, I used a feature in Logic Pro X to have my tempo analyzed. Kinda cool! In general, I sped up through the track which is cool, I think! Also, speeding up is relatively natural sounding, so hey!

My acoustic guitar is a Larrivee and it’s a beauty. I mic’ed it using two little condenser microphones, that my beautiful wife got me for my birthday, in an X-Y pattern a couple of feet from the guitar.

The electric bass guitar was next. I went direct in. The bass is a Fender Musicmaster Bass from the 70s. It’s really beautiful sounding and the only bass I own! What sounds like lead guitar towards the end of the song is actually the bass pitched up. Fun fact!

Vocals I recorded using my dad’s old Studio Projects C1 large-diaphragm condenser. I like it a lot for my own voice. That ran through a little tube preamp I have that adds a little flavor (and noise!). I did a little processing for a couple parts. Telephone-like sounds here and there.

But, what about the lyrics!? What were you thinking about Ralph?… Well… I was thinking about my aforementioned beautiful wife Claire. She wrote me a lovely note on my birthday saying that she’s already enjoying sharing our 30s together (we both just turned 30). Now, I realize that 30 isn’t that old but it still got me thinking about growing old together. Long story short: as time goes on, I love her more. Get it? “Love You More.” Awwwwwwwweeeeeee. :P

I hope you enjoy! Let me know what you think.

It’s available on bandcamp for streaming or buying now. It’ll be up on the other services next week.