It's Only Hurting You

Man… I just want everyone to get along. The point of this song for me is that bringing other people down is bringing yourself down too and that’s a bummer!

I play my little Martin Traveller nylon string guitar in this song. You see, I often sit around with the little guitar, and when I sit around with a guitar I might write a song. Once I work out a song it kinda makes sense to go ahead and use the guitar in my hand to record it. Wham, bam, recording! What’s extra fun about that track is that I used my new ribbon microphone. Say it with me: ribbon microphone. It’s pretty cool.

The ribbon mic sounded especially awesome on the drums, I thought! One mic only on that track.

Bass is straight in.

Vocals using my normal set-up.

Thanks for listenin’ y’all.