Fun Run

And we’re back. Have you noticed that the cover art now has a little border? At the top of the border is the name of the song. Nice!

“Fun Run” is about my passion for running. As in putting one foot in front of the other. I run just about every day. Sometimes at the beach… Sometimes in the woods… Sometimes with Claire… Sometimes we find snakes… etc.

The riff is pretty simple. The trick I was going for here was having a chorus and a verse being the same chords and riff but with different vocal melodies to differentiate. Nice!

There are two guitar parts: the rhythm and the riff. I thought about playing the riff on bass but of course there I was sitting with the guitar in my hand, so hey!

The drums were recorded using my patented (not really) one mic technique for speed and efficiency!

The voices are kinda funny I think. Maybe odd harmonies. Maybe funny to sing the high pitched parts. Yeah, whatever.

And that is all! Thanks for listening.