Here’s my unabashed tribute to Neil Young. Most of the song is two chords E minor 7 and A major. I was so so tempted to keep it just two chords as a second tribute to Lou Reed but I ended up putting one little turn around in.

The guitar is my Martin Backpacker nylon string. I bought this guitar a few weeks ago because I had been missing practice days while traveling. This guitar is small and easily transported! I did not buy it for tone but I must admit, the sound is kind of growing on me. Maybe you’ll hear more of it in the future… Small diaphragm condenser not too close, sort of pointed at the 12th fret. A little reverb added later.

The bass was straight-in as usual. No effects.

Keys are the Logic Pro electric piano sounds. I played them on my midi keyboard because I’m not good enough to program parts.

That is all! I hope you enjoy.