This week’s song is called “Control.” It’s kinda creepy…

I started writing some lyrics inspired by seeing/hearing Mac Demarco live on Wednesday night. I thought that his band looked pretty fun and was inspired by what it must be like on the road for them. But that got thrown out the window.

The thing is, I usually write music first and lyrics second. When I wrote the music for this song, it wound up being creepy sounding and that wasn’t the vibe I had going with the lyrics I had been writing. So I changed gears and was thinking about personal agency. By that I mean, taking action in ones life. The scary thing though, is all of the stuff that pulls us away from our plans. So, this song is about brainwashing! The only thing scarier than aliens erasing your mind with laser beams is the mind control happening without us realizing it… Doo doo doo doo!

As usual I started with my acoustic guitar. I threw up a couple of small diaphragm condensers and let ‘er rip. Simple and effective.

Next, I laid down the bass track. I wanted to play bass next particularly because it’s relatively easy to plug straight in and it gives me the opportunity to figure out if the first track was any good. The bass has some flanging on it, FYI.

Then, I went and laid down some electric guitar. I was winging it to start. I came up with three parts after noodlin’ around for a bit. There’s that very dry direct in lead track. I purposely left it dry because I thought it sounded kinda weird. The next track is the F#m chord at the end of the verses. The last track is the chugging guitar in the middle section.

Vocals were next! I tried to get in close to the mic to make it extra present and therefore extra creepy. There is a reverse reverb on the vocals that make it feel like the words rattle around in your skull. Whoa!

That’s all for now team. I hope hope hope you enjoy! Send me some feedback either way.