College rock! (WK35)

Weekend Kickoff Thirty-Five!

It’s Friday, and you know what that means! Don’cha? The freakin’ weekend!


Vampire Weekend - s/t

Oh man… yet another great album. This one is the self-titled debut from Vampire Weekend, straight outta Columbia University. In fact, I heard that the album cover is a picture from one of the bands early shows at said Uni. College rock, maybe?

The music is fantastic. Quite clever if you ask me! But I must admit, I thought it was a little goofy when I first heard it! I thought: is this nerdy? Are people going to think I’m un-manly? I’m glad I got past those preconceptions, though. While everyone has heard “A-Punk,” I’m hoping that by highlighting this album again 10 years later my fellow rockers might have the chance to go back and take a deeper listen. Ralph’s Rating: 11/11 Chandeliers.

Favorite song: Oxford Comma. Now, make sure to cover the kids ears for the very first lyric of this song! Profanity! Oh my goodness… But, it’s the question on all our minds isn’t it? Listen to the rim taps in the drum line. My band Droll Weevil uses that sound often!

“Little Jon, he always tells the truth.”

Little friend on my pedalboard

Y’all already know about the Xotic Effects EP Booster. It’s great, huh? So tiny. It’s a clean boost, right? I guess that depends on your definition! It does not add distortion, per se. It does add a heck of a lot of gain though… So you can distort other things with it if that’s your jam. What it does do is add color. What is color? I dunno… I guess what I mean is that it adjusts the EQ a bit. Makes the guitar sound a little bigger! I often use it with the volume knob turned all the way down! Just a little bit extra. A little more rock and roll. Buy one. It’s sick.


New mantra

I gotta shake it up every once in awhile. I’m working on good habits. I’ll work on one or two and then I see somewhere else that I could use a little work. I used to think that I could have an all encompassing philosophy that would work from now forward. I’ve since changed my approach to staying ever vigilant. Recognize when I need a change. You could say it’s a cycles thing. I often come back to something I thought I had already handled. Anyhoo, my new mantra? Four words. Short so I can remember it. I try to repeat it often. Especially when I’m feeling stressed. Confidence. Hard-work. Focus. Speed. Okay… maybe that’s technically five. Hard work is probably two words. You know what I mean, though.

Have a great weekend!


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