weekly digest

weekly digest


Song-a-week: Low Key Vacation! Search for Ralph C Till and find me on bandcamp, soundcloud, and spotify.

tone tuesday: Scales, Scales, Scales! The podcast is on itunes, spotify, etc. etc.

humpday: Yo. Focus on one thing at a time.

R&C Pod: Hilarity ensues. This podcast is also on itunes, spotify, etc.

weekend kickoff: Ex Hex are big, bad and back!

Peace and love to you all!

weekly digest

Friends… Fellow travelers… etc….

The digest. What came through the bowels of the blog…… Digestion…..

I wanted to write a punk rock song. The result? PO’d

Tone Tuesday Podcast is in full swing! Wanna learn about replacing a jack on your guitar? (I put the Spotify link here. tone tuesday is also on itunes and on the website.)

Humpday. We got it started!

R&C Podcast. Jerry Seinfeld ain’t got nuthin’ on us. Link!

Julian Lage. If you don’t know, now you know.

I finished a book called Culture Code. It was awesome.


weekly digest


What’re y’all cooking these days? Got any good recipes?

This week on the blog…

A String Too Shortened To Be Saved is a song I wrote about dropping dead weight in our lives.

I just gushed about my acoustic guitar in tone tuesday.

Remember your old gym teacher in highschool? NO PAIN, NO GAIN!

Christopher and I are still at it over on our podcast.

Have a laugh with The Flight of The Conchords


Going forward I’m gonna shake up tone tuesday… Lessons! I’m going to share some guitar tone/playing/etc. tips! See you there.


weekly digest

Here we are! Another week complete. I hope it was an awesome one for you.

Here on the blog there were a few posts that might interest you.

Songaweek was “The Best Thing.” I kinda liked it. Tell me what you think. There’s potential right? How about the autotune vocals? Crazy, huh? Confession time: the drums are fake! :o

The Behringer Ultra Chorus is mad cheap. And when you’re talking about a cheesy effect like chorus, who cares am-i-right?

Y’all know Marcus Aurelius? He wrote a journal to himself called “Meditations” and its available to us now. Stoic philosphy. I share a quote here.

Christopher and I are still at with a new episode of our podcast. This weeks episode involved David Attenborough, Scarlett Johansson and Charles Barkley.

Jessica Pratt released a new album and it is my favorite release of the year. Huge.

Valentine’s day was sick, right?

See y’all soon.


weekly digest



How about last week, huh? Pretty epic!

Here on the blog we had some fun. On Monday, I released a songaweek called So Very Fine. I played slide guitar! First time I’ve ever done that on record.

On Tone Tuesday, I played my favorite fuzz pedal: the Danelectro French Toast. It’s based on a Foxx Tone Machine!

On humpday, on shared a Teddy Roosevelt quote. I won’t spoil it for you. Go check it out.

Thursdays is when the podcast comes out! Christopher and I chat about gambling on basketball games and theme music. Check it out: here.

And of course the kickoff to the weekend! Two words: Japanese Breakfast.

I learned something this week. Old Boss pedals used a 12V wall wart adapter! Which is why my EQ pedals LED was so dim! Just jumper a diode and a resistor and we’re at full brightness! Awesome.

Have a good one, y’all!


weekly digest

G’day friends!

Nah, I’m not Australian. I do love Steve Irwin, though. RIP.

This week we had all the blogs! On Monday, I released a song called “A Blast.” I have a dream of making beats and this is in that realm. On Tone Tuesday, I ‘show and tell’d about my beloved 70s Fender Musicmaster Bass. On humpday, I laid the foundation to do some more thinking about what I’m calling “Cognitive Harmony.” On Thursday, Christopher and I talk about the National Women’s Soccer League and lay out plans for bringing a team to Humboldt County. Check it out: here or on iTunes and Spotify. And Friday, what a great day Friday is. Vampire Weekend released a couple of songs and man are they good. Read my comments: here.

I reopened ampwarship.com. It’s a sick landing page right now.

Otherwise, things are good! I hope this message finds you well.


weekly digest (Jan 27, 2019)

Hello, hello, hello!

Awesome week. You? Good!

What happened on the blog this week, then?

Monday! Songaweek day! Yes… I rewrote an older songaweek called “Passing You” as “Don’t Hold Back.” I think it’s better. What do you think?

Tone Tuesday! I reviewed the Catalinbread Echorec. It’s an awweeesommee delay effects pedal for my fellow guitar nuts.

Wednesday? That’s humpday! A Machiavelli quote was what that one was all about.

On Thursday Christopher and I opened up our newest podcast: The Ralph & Christopher Podcast! It’s on Spotify and iTunes and I hope wherever you listen to podcasts. Lemme know if and how you find it!

Friday! The end of the week /slash/ beginning of the weekend! Gotta love it. Also, gotta love Toots and the Maytals. Definitely up there as one of the greatest of all time in my book.

What else? What were you up to? Email me!

Oh yeah. New website! You are at ralphctill.com! That’s what I was working on this week.

With that,