Well here we go! This one goes out to my friend and bandmate Annie. Her and I have been going back and forth about hip-hop (or rap? someone teach me what’s what). I’m hoping I can make some beats that she’s into and puts down some bars for. This song “Bangin’” is an early draft of a beat for the project. Keep your ears to the ground for updates on that front!

I started with the chords which you might recognize from a previous songaweek called “Rushing Around” that you can find (I hope) wherever you listen to music.

I then played the backbeat claps using my MIDI keyboard and some sounds in Logic. Then the kick drum. I then went all “trap music” and played too much hi-hat. I promptly deleted that track. When the full drums come in, that’s mostly a virtual drummer that I programmed to be pretty chill.

I played my new Bass VI for chords and the lead line. Fun!