Ash & Ice

The Kills are one of my favorite bands. I think Jamie Hince is a genius on the guitar. But, I have to admit that when this album Ash & Ice first came out I was a bit disappointed. After sitting on it for a long time I decided to give it another listen for a review on this blog and I’m so glad I did!

The album is awesome. Jamie is as awesome as ever. And Alison of course is holding it down. Now, of course, they’ve changed a bit but I’m okay with that. Better than okay! Who wants a band to stay the same forever? That’d be stale! And, we still have the old albums to listen to over and over (which I do).

Favorite song: “Doing it to Death”

“Bitter Fruit” has an awesome guitar tone reminiscent of old Western movie soundtracks. But in a much different context!