Weekend Kickoff XV!

Is it Friday again already!?

We made it, my friends. We had an awesome week. Now, it's time for an even awesom-er weekend! What we need is a relentlessly awesome album to listen to to kick it off don'-cha-think?

JEFF The Brotherhood - Wasted on the Dream

JEFF The Brotherhood - Wasted on the Dream

Weezer meets Electric Wizard

These guys rule. You've heard me rave about them before and nothing has changed. JEFF The Brotherhood ALWAYS delivers. This album is somewhat unique in their catalog, though. Two words: Jethro. Tull. That's right, there's a flute solo played my the man himself, Ian Anderson, on this album. Am I sensing some skepticism? Ralph, are you saying that a flute solo can rip? Yes. Yes, I am. Case and point:

Now go listen to the song "Black Cherry Pie" off of "Wasted on the Dream." I'll give you a second to pick your jaw up off the floor. Ripper.

This album was supposed to be the band's second on a major label but they split ways right before it was released! Luckily the brothers have previously always released their stuff on their own label anyway, Infinity Cat Records. So, they got the master tapes and released the record and all is right in the world. JEFF The Brotherhood reassume their rightful place on the throne as our favorite indie torch bearers.

What's my favorite song on this record? It's impossible to choose. It is great through and through. All killer, no filler. The last song is special, though! Is it about the band's split from their major record label contract? You'll have to listen to the whole album to decide, I think!

Setting the Tone

Remember that Mahatma Gandhi quote that goes "be the change you wish to see in the world?" I love that quote. I totally believe that one of the best things anyone can do is try to be happy and share that happiness with friends and family. Then, that happiness keeps spreading outward through personal connections to friends of friends, and onward. Kinda like that seven degrees of Kevin Bacon game...

Okay, so. Making the whole wide world a better place is awesome. We're all on board with that. What about more mundane things... What about band practice? If I want to have a fun and productive jam sesh I still have to "be the bandmate I would like to see," don't I? I am personally responsible for having fun and being productive! If me and my bandmates all work on setting a positive tone, our good vibes are bound to rub off on each other. And what about other things? What about starting the day? I could "set the tone" by doing something simple like making the bed. I'm already productive first thing out of bed! What else can I get done!? A good tone for the day has been set.

Have an awesom-er weekend!