Weekend Kickoff X!


Happy Cuatro de Mayo, friends!

This week I'm throwing way back to 2005. Let me set the scene. You're in high school. You spend hours on the school bus every day. The bus driver loves top 40. You don't. You buy a CD walkman (cassette tapes have already bitten the dust). You put on headphones and turn up the volume. What do you put on? Bob Marley, Nirvana, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Offspring. All great but you start wondering what else is out there... and then BAM!

Brendan Benson - The Alternative to Love

Brendan Benson - The Alternative to Love

Pop Perfection!

If you guessed that the scene described above was out of my own youth, you were right. "The Alternative to Love" was BIG for me and I'm really glad to share it with y'all. This album is a master class in songwriting, composition, recording, and production. Those features are especially apparent listening on headphones turned up loud enough to block out San Diego's "Jammin' Z90" radio station while riding the "loser cruiser" back and forth to school! :P

The biggest single off the album was "Cold Hands, Warm Heart." I recommend the whole album highly for your weekend playlist!


I'm a mistake maker!

I recently wrote that statement down in my notebook as encouragement! But wait, how could that be encouraging? Shouldn't I be trying to minimizing my mistakes? Of course. But ya'know, I don't need help in that department! I'm TOO concerned about making mistakes!

This is what I've found: the best way to make no mistakes is to stop doing things completely... But hold on! That's no fun! I want to do things! I want to do LOTS of cool things! So maybe, if I want to do lots of things, I'm bound to make a certain number of mistakes. Maybe there is a correlation between making mistakes and doing cool things! Hence, the thought "I want to make more mistakes!" If you agree then lets go out and make some mistakes this weekend!



Have a good one!