Weekend Kickoff Eleven!

Happy Friday Friends!

Harder, faster, louder! How about a proven heavy metal classic for this week's playlist?

Metallica - Master Of Puppets

Metallica - Master Of Puppets

Or how about "Pastor of Muppets"? Bah-dum-ch! (Good one Ralph!)


Metal Masterpiece

I feel a bit guilty about sharing this record this week. It is such an obvious choice! You already know about this record but please, pull this oldie but goodie out for me and we can head-bang like it's 1986 together!

I read a very cool article in the most recent Tape Op magazine that I'll link here: https://tapeop.com/interviews/124/michael-wagener/

Michael Wagener mixed "Master Of Puppets" and in this interview he shares a hilarious tid-bit about working with Metallica. When asked whether the band was there with him while he was mixing the record, he responds with a laugh:

Very much so. I had Lars Ulrich on the right of me and James Hetfield on the left, the whole time. Reverb was not allowed, officially. If there was a blinking green light somewhere, they would say, ‘What is that? Is that reverb? Turn it off!’ Basically it was Lars on the right side saying, ‘All I hear is f@#$ing guitars!’ And James was on the left going, ‘The f#@$ing drums are killing me!’ And I would say, ‘Guys, what about the bass?’ And they would say, ‘He’s not here!’ That’s an actual quote!
— Michael Wagener in Tape Op Magazine issue No. 124

Haha! Isn't that hilarious? That will give you something to listen for this weekend! You no longer have to ask yourself, "where is the bass guitar?" You now have an answer. Turns out Cliff Burton wasn't there to defend himself! I highly recommend "Master Of Puppets" and Tape Op magazine if you're interested in recording (shout-out Dieter for turning me on to the mag).


What are you scared of?

I just finished up reading a book called "Million Dollar Habits" by Brian Tracy. The book is packed with valuable tips for self improvement. I want to share a tip that really opened my eyes:

From "Million Dollar Habits" by Brian Tracy (don't sue me!)

From "Million Dollar Habits" by Brian Tracy (don't sue me!)

I know that some of this self-help stuff can seem pretty cheesy but I promise that I won't judge you! :P


Have a great weekend everyone!