Weekend Kickoff Nine!

Welcome back team!

Happy Friday! Do you guys follow the Seattle radio station KEXP on YouTube? It's sick! They record videos of all kinds of bands including bands I love like JEFF The Brotherhood and Cherry Glazerr but also bands I have never heard of like Altın Gün. Their full performance on KEXP is my recommendation for your weekend playlist! Unless you don't like groovy music... But I know you do! :)

Altın Gün on KEXP

I don't know anything about this band... I don't even know what language they are singing in! But what I do know is that they sound GOOOOOD! And, as my dad used to tell me when he was teaching me to play guitar, "Ralph, if it sounds good it is good" and Altın Gün definitely sounds great! Their music is highly danceable with basslines that really move! There's guitar, bass, drums and vocals like a normal rock band plus some crazy synth sounds, a twangy-sounding stringed instrument I've never seen before, and extra percussion. Check it out!


The Zone

How do you get psyched-up for all the things you have to do? I've been thinking about making myself a journal or a book where I write out notes to myself to review before I start a task. Let me give an example:

Say you were sitting down to write a blog about music. You once got a tip that it can be helpful to imagine that you are writing to a specific friend. So you do that! You imagine that you're sharing your favorite albums with your friend Evan (shoutout!) and the blog turns out just as you wanted! Then a week passes. Lots of stuff happens. Your focus has changed tasks about a million times. And then you sit down to write another blog entry. Wouldn't it be cool if you had some notes to quickly remind you about your previously successful plan to imagine writing to your friend Evan?

Now imagine having notes like this for everything you did! Just flip open to the page on "band practice" or "effects pedal breadboarding" and immediately get yourself in the zone! I'm gonna work on this... I'll keep y'all posted with my progress. Try it out yourself if you think it sounds like an interesting plan. I'd love to hear your experiences.


That reminds me of an album...

Jeff The Brotherhood - ZONE

Jeff The Brotherhood - ZONE

Such a great album. Heavy but pop-y. Definitely add this to your weekend playlist too. Make sure to turn it up loud!

Have a good one!