Weekend Kickoff Eight!

Hello and welcome to the weekend!

You guys... Sleep came out with a new album today. It. is. SO. SICK.

Sleep - The Sciences

Sleep - The Sciences

Seriously. I'm listening to this album right now. It is so good. You guys. Listen to this album. I promise your mind will be blown!

PSA: Even folks like me who don't celebrate 4/20 can get really excited about this album!

Truly, this might be their best album yet. Please put it on your weekend playlist. I beg of you! Go ahead and put bands Om (with Al Cisneros, bass player of Sleep) and High On Fire (with Matt Pike, guitar player of Sleep) on your playlist too.

side note: Matt Pike said that the band spent $75,000 on custom guitar and bass amps for this record. Talk about Amplifier Worship (or maybe Warship... get it?)!


"I think I can!"

Remember "The Little Engine That Could"?

The Little Engine That Could - Watty Piper

The Little Engine That Could - Watty Piper

Classic kid book amiright? Some toys need to get into town so kids can have fun playing with them. A few train engines are around and most of them totally bail on the toys. Bummer! But, then a little engine decides to give it a shot. The little engine recites his mantra "I-think-i-can!" and gets the toys over a big ol' mountain and everything works out fine! What a stand-up little train engine!

I bring this up because I think we all need a mantra or a phrase that we can repeat to ourselves to keep us psyched up throughout our days. We could use "I-think-i-can" or anything else that you think might help! I've been using "I'm vigorous!" for awhile now. This morning I was reading a book by Brian Tracy and he recommends "I like myself!" I love that one. Whenever you're feeling bummed, just repeat to yourself "I like myself!" and watch the bummer-ness dissolve away.


How about that combination?

I never imagined that I would mention a doom metal band and a child's motivational book in the same blog! But heck! Why not?


Have a great weekend!